We are a small group of local people – now a registered charity – working to set up a community workshop in the Fordingbridge area, in association with the UK Men’s Sheds Association.

‘Men’s Sheds’ are community spaces for people to connect, converse, and create. They are similar to garden sheds in that they are places to pursue practical interests at leisure, to practise skills, and to enjoy making and mending. The difference is that the activities that go on inside garden sheds are often solitary in nature, while ‘Men’s Sheds’ are the opposite: they are about social connections and building friendships.

Our vision is to create a diverse Shed which becomes a hub for the community, appealing to both women and men, young and old. Members will be able to enjoy learning and sharing skills, trying out new crafts, making new friends, and working on their own and community projects. Or you can just pop in for a cup of tea and a chat. All within the supportive atmosphere of a friendly group of like-minded people.

We have been offered the use of the derelict toilet block located in Fordingbridge Recreation Ground. We would like to transform this building into a vibrant space where people can come together to create things, mend things, share skills, learn new skills, or just drink tea and consider. We hope to convert the premises for use as a workshop, equipped with tools for various projects including woodwork, metalwork, electronics, repairing and restoring, up-cycling or repurposing materials and products.

If you are interested in becoming involved in this project, or would like to know more, please contact us by email. And keep checking this website for the latest updates.