Men's Shed Newsletter No. 20 19 June 2022

Hello Shedders and friends The workshop last Wednesday was particularly strong on chat and social time, with visitors and a potential new member – welcome, Paul. The keen people did produce some more bird-box kits though. Yesterday, an elite squad went out to Breamore Primary School and repaired some sections of fence. There’s more work to do there, I think. Our next big event will be our stall at Frogham… Read More

Men's Shed Newsletter No. 19 5 June 2022

Hello Shedders I was away last week and missed all the excitement. I hear that the away team went to Breamore Primary School again, cleared an area of weeds and brambles, and put up a shed. Excellent work. The week before, we had completed fete games for the school that we’ve been working on for a while – that involved more paint and other finishing touches. We made a working… Read More

Men's Shed Newsletter No. 18 22 May 2022

Hello Shedders I’ve missed a couple of weeks of newsletters, but that doesn’t mean that the Shed has been idle. We now have a trailer with a floor and side panels and mudguards and even a coat of paint. Good progress has been made with assorted games (splat the rat, Aunt Sally, stocks) for Breamore Primary School’s fete, which is just as well because the fete is next week. More… Read More

Men's Shed Newsletter No. 17 2 May 2022

Hello Shedders Many thanks to Jo Heath, ordinand in training at Avon Valley Churches, who not only cooked the bacon and made the drinks, but also provided the bacon and rolls as a donation. There was more chat than work, as usual. We decided to have a stall at Frogham Fair on 25 June, so we made plans about what we can make to sell at the show: bird boxes, … Read More

Men's Shed Newsletter No. 16 23 April 2022

Hello folks Last Wednesday Mike brought in his alternative designs for hedgehog and bird boxes, including templates for building more. They’re different from the things we’ve been making up to now, and use different materials and techniques, so they will be good exercises in building a small project. Julie and Paul’s son Ashley came along to see what we get up to – eating chocolate biscuits mainly, it… Read More

Men's Shed Newsletter No. 15 17 April 2022

Hello Shedders There was good turn-out again last Wednesday – thanks to Julie and Paul for preparing the drinks and bacon rolls, which contributed to a great feeling of a welcoming and happy place to be. Another hedgehog house was built by Bob. And we tidied up our stuff on the church hall stage to make room for some storage for the playgroup. Then the away team set off for… Read More

Men's Shed Newsletter No. 14 10 April 2022

Hello again Shedders I’ll start with this week, because it’s a bit different. We have offered to fix a fence at Breamore Primary School, and that will be happening this Wednesday and Thursday. We’ll meet as usual at the church hall on Wednesday at 9:30am, and those who want to can go on to Breamore – I expect people will share transport. Members travelling from northerly directions can go straight… Read More

Men's Shed Newsletter No. 13 27 March 2022

Hello Shedders Last week we held our Annual General Meeting as part of the normal Wednesday session. The meeting was well attended, and there was good discussion on various topics. The minutes are linked below as a PDF file. Meetings this week: Social meeting at The Hyde Club, Tuesday 3pm to about 5pm Workshop session at St. Mary’s Church Hall, Wednesday 9:30am to 12:30pm. Cheers, Chris

Men's Shed Newsletter No. 12 20 March 2022

Hello Shedders We had another very good session last week, with two more new faces – welcome to Bob and Trevor. Even better, as a result of a slight lack of communication, we ended up with bacon rolls AND doughnuts! The production line for planters really ramped up and finished six (count ’em) planters for Fordingbridge Town Council, complete with poker-work badges crediting the Shed with the work. The planters… Read More