Men's Shed Newsletter No. 9

6 February 2022

Hello Shedders

Another active week last week.

There has been progress with the planters project: Fordingbridge Town Council have firmed up their request for a number of planters to be positioned around the town, although we’re still waiting for a definite specification of design and quantity. We will be working on grant applications.

On Tuesday there was another get-together at The Hyde Club. Apparently Gary’s team had beaten Malcolm’s team at some obscure sport involving a round ball somewhere. The discussion touched on Barry Cryer (RIP) jokes, the ongoing lack of a permanent home for the Shed, and the need for coordinated communications outside the Shed.

Things got busy on Wednesday at St. Mary’s Church Hall: the back gate and fence, and the front door, were repaired. Members explored an electronics table, watched a bandsaw demo, fixed a table saw, and decided that a scroll saw was possibly past its sell-by date.

More of the same sort of thing this week:

  • Social meeting at The Hyde Club, Tuesday 3pm to about 5pm
  • Workshop session at St. Mary’s Church Hall, Wednesday 10:30am to 1:30pm