Men's Shed Newsletter No. 9

13 March 2022

Hello Shedders

Things have been going well over the last few weeks at Avon Valley Men’s Shed.

We fixed the church sign, which had rotted all around its frame, so we just cut the frame and edges off – it’s a bit smaller now, and the edges are exposed to the elements, but it doesn’t have to last for years because the church will be installing a new sign fairly soon. For now it’s back in position and it’s safe.

The week before last, four new people turned up – welcome to Reg, Sandy, Bob, and Mike. It’s wonderful to see that people are still interested in the project despite its limitations.

There was a meeting between the Shed Trustees and the Church’s representatives on 4 March. Much was discussed in terms of what we can offer each other, but nothing was finalised. It seems that these things take time. There was plenty of enthusiasm though. One possibility is that we could take over part of the church hall car park to put some sort of building on. We’ll have to wait and see.

Last week brought another new face – welcome to George. There was lots of activity, chopping up bits of wood to build planters, putting a few of the machines to use. And possibly making progress with mending a laser printer.

So the plan for this week is, as usual:

  • Social meeting at The Hyde Club, Tuesday 3pm to about 5pm
  • Workshop session at St. Mary’s Church Hall, Wednesday 9:30am to 12:30pm