Men's Shed Newsletter No. 16

23 April 2022

Hello folks

Last Wednesday Mike brought in his alternative designs for hedgehog and bird boxes, including templates for building more. They’re different from the things we’ve been making up to now, and use different materials and techniques, so they will be good exercises in building a small project.

Julie and Paul’s son Ashley came along to see what we get up to – eating chocolate biscuits mainly, it seems. George and Ashley created some pixie doors to paint and install in secret places.

ToyTool Library

The Shed is building quite a collection of tools – hand tools and power tools – that currently spend most of their time gathering dust on the church hall stage. Members can borrow tools, but we need to make sure they don’t all disappear in the dust at the back of people’s workshops, so I suggest we set up a Tool Library. It would just need a list of tools, and a note saying who borrowed what and when: that means we need a Tool Librarian, someone to keep an eye on the list and keep track of what’s happening. Who would like to volunteer for this exciting and rewarding role?

Some members may also be willing to lend tools to each other. I think it would a good idea if such transactions also go through the Librarian to make sure that nothing goes astray.

Next Week

There will be no social at The Hyde Club this week. The enthusiasm for that event seems to have worn thin. Perhaps we could just do it once a month. Does anyone have any ideas for other social get-togethers?

So it will just be the usual session at 9:30 in the church hall on Wednesday.