Men's Shed Newsletter No. 18

22 May 2022

Hello Shedders

I’ve missed a couple of weeks of newsletters, but that doesn’t mean that the Shed has been idle.

We now have a trailer with a floor and side panels and mudguards and even a coat of paint. Good progress has been made with assorted games (splat the rat, Aunt Sally, stocks) for Breamore Primary School’s fete, which is just as well because the fete is next week. More bee boxes and hedgehog houses have also been made.

Last week Alan D drilled lots of holes in bits of metal for one of his electronics projects, and Bob was working on pixie doors.

This week there will be a social get-together at The Hyde Club, from about 3pm to 5pm. The discussion will include our plans for finding a more permanent home, so don’t miss it! The Trustees will be meeting at a potential site in the evening.

Diary Dates

25 June, Frogham Fair
We’ll have a stall to publicise ourselves, and also sell some items – bird boxes and hedgehog houses etc. We have also offered to do some work for the fair, such as directing people in the car park – in return for a free barbecue!
30 July, Damerham Fair
Hopefully we will have a stall at Damerham too – more details later.


I know that not everybody gets this email newsletter, so we’re trying to make sure that no-one gets left out. Malcolm is looking into ways to send text messages from a dedicated Shed phone number.

Don’t forget that we have a Shed Members’ WhatsApp group: ask one of the trustees if you want to be added to the group.

And we have our own website at and a Facebook page at avonvalleyshed2020.

That’s all for now.