Men's Shed Newsletter No. 22

17 July 2022

Hello Shedders and friends

The last two weeks have involved a lot scraping and painting on the railings, gates, and wall at the front of the Methodist Church in West Street. The second session was made tougher by the hot weather – it’s a good job the work is finished before this week’s record temperatures.

That all left a smaller team to do all the serious talking and coffee drinking at the church hall, but they managed it brilliantly.

This week we will all be back in the hall focussing on the Damerham Fair, which is now less than two weeks away on Saturday 30 July. We need a better design for our stall, including a banner that fits and is visible above the heads of the thronging crowds. We’ll probably take some of our creations to show off, but with less emphasis on selling and more on promoting the Shed. I’ll try to create one or two boards with photos of what we’ve been up to, so please email me any pictures that you think will be useful.

Diary Dates

  • This Wednesday – workshop session at St. Mary’s church hall as usual.
  • Saturday 30 July Damerham fair – gates open at 11am, so we’ll need to set up early.
  • Saturday 6 August Community garden at the back of the allotments on Green Lane. We have offered to put up an actual shed – the base has already be put in. See Apparently tea and cakes will be involved.

That’s all for now.